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Fertility treatments during the summer

Fertility treatments during the summer

There is a widespread belief that tells us that fertility treatments are better tolerated during the summer, we want them to give something light on this topic.

The main cause for dates during the summer patients can better tolerate fertility treatments and better pregnancy outcomes obtained, It is the reduction of stress and everyday worries.

The relationship between fertility and stress has been extensively studied, The conclusion reached by many researchers, Women who are under stress or anxiety produce adrenaline, something that can eventually lead to a delay in production of the hormone that promotes ovulation (gonadotropina GnRh).

That is to say, Summer can be a good time for women this time of year coincides with a period of relaxation and decreased concerns . In addition, there are other advantages if fertility treatment is started during this period, because if you're on vacation, You can best reconcile appointments for treatment. It is also easier to go to them accompanied by a spouse or another person who also enjoy holiday. It is even simpler to maintain a certain discretion during this period if you want to live with greater peace process.