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Seminograma. Normal Values

Normal values ​​espermograma seminogram

He seminograma, also know as espermograma, It is a test that seeks to diagnose the characteristics, amount and mobility, Semen. It is the most relevant test in assessing male fertility. It sperm count per ml is made and determines the morphology, pH, the volume, motility and vitality of the same.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) normal values ​​of a semen must have similar values ​​to the following:

  • Having a sperm concentration of at least 15 million per ml.
  • Have a total volume of semen at least 1,5 ml.
  • Having a pH situated between 7,2 Y 8,1.
  • Having a total number of sperm in the ejaculate of at least 39 millions.
  • The live sperm must be at least 58%, of them at least 30% They should have a normal morphology.
  • In addition, at least 40% sperm must walk forward and at least 32% They should do with a movement listed as fast.