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What is necessary to carry out artificial insemination?

Artificial Insemination necessary

They are mainly 2 requirements so that you can reach successfully achieve pregnancy by artificial insemination:

  1. Donor semen meets the minimum requirements established by WHO (World Health Organization). Through a seminogram, or semen analysis, It will determine whether or semen is not valid for artificial insemination.
  2. At least one of the fallopian tubes of the woman who wants to undergo treatment permeable. In this case, It will be hysterosalpingography, or x-ray tubes, which it can indicate whether carried out artificial insemination.

There are other factors that influence decisively on the feasibility of treatment:

  • The age of women. It is advisable that the treatment is performed before 35 years.
  • Time Sterility. The longer it has been barren, less chance of successful pregnancy.