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Myths About Assisted Reproduction

Myths about Assisted Reproduction

There are many myths that revolve around methods of assisted reproduction. Then, I have some of the most common myths.

After menopause is impossible to become pregnant

False. If a woman has vitrified their eggs before depletion of ovarian reserve and still no evidence aging problems can undergo assisted reproduction treatment and carry a pregnancy to term.

You can choose baby's sex

False. In Spain the election "a la carte" baby gender is not legally permitted. Only for therapeutic purposes you may know the sex of the newborn in advance by a preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

Increases the probability of having genetic problems such as Down syndrome

False. And thanks to preimplantation genetic diagnosis is more likely to detect any abnormalities in embryos.

There are more possibilities early delivery

False. It has the same possibilities as a birth that is conceived naturally, This alone would in the case of having a multiple pregnancy.

Chances are that a multiple pregnancy have

False. Alone 1 each 5 those obtained by assisted reproduction result in a multiple pregnancy, usually gemelar.