What do you mean exactly infertility and how it differs sterility?

When a couple fails elapsed pregnancy 1 year, with regular intercourse and lack of contraceptive measures, It is considered sterility.

Infertility is defined as the inability to generate gestations able to evolve.

Are there many people with this problem?

Epidemiological studies indicate that infertility affects 15% of the population of reproductive age, and it is experiencing an upward trend.

When do I have to ask for help?

We recommend you consult a specialist center in Assisted Reproduction, after a year of sex without contraception, without getting pregnant.


  • Where a fertility disorder known.
  • Women with advanced reproductive age. women with 35 or more years should see after six months of failed attempts.
  • Where there are adverse reproductive history. More than two abortions, deliveries with immature fetuses or very premature, existence of congenital anomalies in previous births, existence of hereditary diseases…

Will I be exhausted before ovarian reserve, By submitting to a stimulation cycle for IVF?

No. In the menstrual cycle begins the development of several follicles, of which one will be selected, the primary, which will provide a mature egg. Others are lost.

A stimulation treatment for assisted reproduction technique, what we do is take advantage of much of the follicles that initiate the development, to obtain more eggs in a natural cycle.

You can know the identity of the donor or the donor may know the identity of the woman who has donated?

No. Oocyte donation, It is anonymous and also, altruistic.

Does age of women in the possibility of getting pregnant?

The fertility rate decreases from the 35 years to 40. From this age there is a sharp decrease in the probability of pregnancy.

When a woman has periodic and regular rules, Does that mean you have no fertility problems?

No, that is not like that. Regular menstruation only indicates that, probably, the woman ovulates, but there are many factors that can be altered, In addition to the ovulatory, and they are not so obvious.

With a Pap test you can tell if there are problems of infertility?

No, cytology does not assess all factors: ovulatorios, tubáricos, etc, which may compromise the female fertility.

Are dangerous drugs used to induce ovulation?

Many studies conducted to check the effect of hormonal drugs used in IVF cycles. It has been found that, except the known adverse effects (hyperstimulation, multiple pregnancy) there are no other risks for women from the treatment.

A woman always has the same ovarian response?

This is not like this. Women, are not only different from each other, but one woman may have different cycles. Similarly ovarian response to the stimulation may vary from cycle to cycle.

Why is it so expensive IVF?

This is a technique that requires a highly qualified staff trained in the procedures of assisted reproduction. In addition, equipment and materials are also very expensive, so that all this increases the price.