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Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (DGP)

PGD ​​is a method of analysis of embryos obtained in vitro to prevent the transmission of disease and / or genetic alterations. This analysis is performed prior to establishment of pregnancy and involves the combined use of assisted reproduction techniques, and molecular genetics.

For PGD must undergo treatment controlled ovarian stimulation for IVF / ICSI. Embryos will be made in the laboratory to undergo genetic analysis. PGD ​​involves biopsy of one or two blastomeres of an embryo for genetic analysis before implantation, allowing selecting the suitable embryo to be transferred.

Indications are monogenic diseases for which there is reliable diagnosis, Chromosomal abnormalities or the existence of repeated abortions. It is also indicated in repeated implantation failure, Women older IVF patients 38 years, in severe male factors and in patients with previous trisomic pregnancies.