Pelvic floor care during pregnancy

Pelvic floor care during pregnancy

One of the recommendations more often make a pregnant woman is to take care of your pelvic floor while pregnant. The main reasons for this are as follows: · Prevent incontinence that sometimes appears in the final stages of pregnancy. In those last weeks, intra-abdominal pressure is… Read more>

certificate ASEBIR

We remain committed to being at the forefront of assisted reproduction. Thus, we have another year with the certification obtained by Laura Molina, responsible for gmer, for participation in the "External Quality Control Laboratory reproduction" granted by ASEBIR (Spanish Association for the Study of Biology… Read more>

Myths of assisted reproduction

Myths About Assisted Reproduction

There are many myths that revolve around methods of assisted reproduction. Then, I have some of the most common myths. After menopause is impossible to get pregnant False. If a woman has vitrified their eggs before depletion of ovarian reserve and still no evidence problems can undergo aging… Read more>

Ovarian reserve

What is ovarian reserve?

Ovarian reserve is the amount of eggs a woman has at all times and is essential when getting get pregnant, either through assisted reproduction or naturally. It is around 36 years when a further decline of this reserve occurs, from being… Read more>

infertility vs. Sterility

Although many people confuse, these terms are completely different. In this post we will try to explain how they differ. We talk about infertility Infertility when there is an inability to end the pregnancy with the birth of a healthy child. It is considered to be starting a study and treatment when there 2 pregnancy loss… Read more>

The Spanish among the most hope for mothers

according to Eurostat (European statistics office) the European Spanish are most expect women to be mothers. While in most European countries women are mothers among 20 Y 30 years, in Spain most mothers are among the 30 and 39years (61%). In story to… Read more>

registration SEF - GMER

Collaborating Center SEF Register

This year we are again collaborating center of the National Registry of Activity SEF (Spanish Fertility Society), a record that promotes empirical knowledge and updated on fertility and promoting its application to social problems that are related to them. Read more>

Leader in Assisted Reproduction

Spain, leader in assisted reproduction

According to the latest data available, Spain is placed ahead of Russia and France, as the European country where assisted reproduction treatments are performed, giving in our country 1 each 7 Total treatments performed. Recent reports also indicate that the technique has a higher success rate, nearby… Read more>

Incapacidad para Ovular

Inability to ovulate, the most common cause of infertility

Entre los diferentes motivos o causas comunes de infertilidad, la más común de todas es la incapacidad para ovular. Este problema se da en torno al 40% de los casos y suele ser consecuencia de: Una insuficiencia Ovárica Prematura (IOP), o lo que es lo mismo, los ovarios dejan de producir óvulos y estrógeno a una edad temprana.Read more>

CLOTHING method. lesbian Cádiz.

CLOTHING method. 2 biological mothers

MÉTODO ROPA PASO A PASO ¿Qué es el método ROPA? By definition is the "Receiving eggs by the couple". It is an assisted reproduction technique applied in marriages formed by two women, it is imperative that are married or are cohabiting, de forma que pueden crear una familiaRead more>