Salud dental y embarazo

oral health during pregnancy

La boca suele ser un reflejo de la salud de nuestro cuerpo, nos muestra signos de deficiencias nutricionales o de infecciones. Desde gmer aconsejamos que desde el momento en el que des el paso para optar por un proceso de reproducción asisitida realices una revisión odontológica que determine tu estado de salud bucodental y seRead more>

Fertility treatment versus Cancer

Fertility Treatment vs. Cancer

The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology recently published the results of the groundbreaking study that analyzes the risk of long-term cancer in children born after fertility treatment and results conclude that there is no direct relationship between the two. The study has been a target population 47.690 children… Read more>

Causes of male infertility

Causes of male infertility

Mainly, 2 are the most common causes of male infertility: genital abnormalities and disorders of sperm. Among the anomalies of the genital tract are undescended testes, Abnormalities in prostate, hypertrophy or testicular varicocele. Within the alterations of sperm, they find each other… Read more>

Artificial Insemination necessary

What is necessary to carry out artificial insemination?

They are mainly 2 requirements so that you can reach successfully achieve pregnancy by artificial insemination: Donor semen meets the minimum requirements established by WHO (World Health Organization). Through a seminogram, or semen analysis, It will determine whether or not the semen… Read more>

Why choose the method CLOTHES?

Why choose the method CLOTHES?

The main reason for choosing method CLOTHING, against artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization with donor sperm, It is that this technique allows pregnancy to participate biologically the two women of the couple. This is because one of them brings gamete, while the other brings… Read more>

Fertility treatments during the summer

Fertility treatments during the summer

There is a widespread belief that tells us that fertility treatments are better tolerated during the summer, we want them to give something light on this topic. The main cause for dates during the summer patients can better tolerate fertility treatments and better pregnancy outcomes obtained, It is the decline… Read more>

Risks of smoking during pregnancy

Risks of smoking during pregnancy

World No Snuff Today marks, why I want to talk about some of the risks of smoking, or being exposed to smoke snuff, During pregnancy: Increases the risk of complications during pregnancy, as an abortion or premature birth. Some inhaled chemicals can affect the… Read more>

Clothing method Cádiz

CLOTHING method. 2 biological mothers

CLOTHING METHOD STEP BY STEP What is the method CLOTHES? By definition is the "Receiving eggs by the couple". It is an assisted reproduction technique applied in marriages formed by two women, it is imperative that are married or are cohabiting, so that they can create a family… Read more>

Mothers after 40

The Spanish increasingly expect to be mothers according to a study by the European statistics office, Eurostat. Data from this study is extracted already represent 7,4% birth those who are mothers of more than 40 years. Only in Italy, with a 8%, They expect women… Read more>

concerned semen quality

Concern semen quality

Semen quality has been affected in recent times in developed countries, They occurring today a situation where hundreds of thousands of Western men are infertile or be near. Some possible causes of this phenomenon could be environmental and continuous exposure to chemical agents, herbicides,… Read more>