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Normal values ​​espermograma seminogram

Seminograma. Normal Values

Seminogram, also known as espermograma, It is a test that seeks to diagnose the characteristics, amount and mobility, Semen. It is the most relevant test in assessing male fertility. It sperm count per ml is made and determines the morphology, pH, he


Collaborating Center SEF Register

This year we are again collaborating center of the National Registry of Activity SEF (Spanish Fertility Society), a record that promotes empirical knowledge and updated on fertility and promoting its application to social problems that are related to them.

Myths about Assisted Reproduction

Myths About Assisted Reproduction

There are many myths that revolve around methods of assisted reproduction. Then, I have some of the most common myths. After menopause is impossible to get pregnant False. If a woman has vitrified their eggs before depletion of ovarian reserve and still no evidence problems can undergo aging