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Artificial Insemination Cádiz

Expert Artificial Insemination and Assisted Reproduction in Cadiz

In current times solution infertility has a high percentage of cases. If your dream is to have your own family, a GMER, Make It. Expert group on fertility treatments and artificial insemination in the province of Cádiz.

Attention protocol to the patient

Given the current health situation

Come to be possible alone to the treatment controls. If you are accompanied, it should be your partner who will accompany you in the puncture.

Upon entering the hospital at the reception desk you will have to use the hydroalcoholic gel for hand disinfection at your disposal.

Maintain the safe distance and refrain from touching surfaces.

Respect visiting hours in order to minimize the number of patients in the center.

Remember to communicate any change in your health during the performance of assisted reproduction treatments.

Techniques In Vitro Fertilization in Cadiz

Techniques used

In GMER (Medical Group Play) couples provide our services that require personal attention in fertility treatments and artificial insemination.

For it, techniques have proven clinical efficacy in Assisted reproduction they do actually desire to be parents of our patients

Egg Donation

Through Egg Donation in gmer facilitate solidarity act of young people who want to help other women, that fertility problems can not get pregnant with their own cells, to fulfill his desire to be mothers.

Artificial reproduction in Cádiz

Working philosophy

The current lifestyle has enabled problems affecting the reproductive ability of couples who wish to procreate reach an increasing number of population.

In GMER you will find a group of professionals who will help to reverse this situation for a pregnancy that comes to fruition.

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